“United by love and admiration for our beloved mother, Suzy Parker, our family is dedicated to preserving and celebrating her timeless legacy through a heartfelt licensing program. With deep reverence for her remarkable beauty, grace, and influence, our mission is to honor her memory and extend her impact to new generations.

In honoring our mother’s legacy, we also strive to foster emerging talents who draw inspiration from her enduring influence. By providing a platform for designers, artists, and entrepreneurs, we aim to encourage the exploration of new artistic expressions rooted in her iconic persona. Our licensing program will be a testament to her lasting impact and an opportunity to inspire a new generation of creators.

With love in our hearts and a shared dedication, we embark on this licensing journey to ensure that Suzy Parker’s legacy endures for years to come. We invite you to join us on this heartfelt mission, as together we preserve and promote the enduring beauty and influence of our beloved mother, Suzy Parker.”


The Estate of Suzy Parker is represented worldwide by Gekis Ribera Management
Licensing and Co Licensing opportunities available.

The Suzy Parker Estate owns the copyrights, trademark rights, rights of publicity, and other intellectual property rights in and to the works, brands, name, image and person of Suzy Parker Dillman worldwide.